Ex-pat blogs in Cyprus

If you want to know what day-to-day life is like for ex-pats in Cyprus, without joining a forum or asking specific questions, the best thing to do is to read a blog.  Again, different styles appeal to different people. Some will talk mainly about family life, some about strange quirks they observe, some might discuss problems that have occurred. You can usually comment on a blog, if you wish to; if you ask a question, remember to leave your email address or some way of responding.

These are just a few of the blogs written in Cyprus; I’ve selected some which are updated regularly, although there are many more.

This is Cyprus… is my own blog, which I started as a way of communicating what daily life is like to family and friends back in the UK. It has a fair number of photos, and focuses on whatever is going on with my family and myself. It started in the Spring of 2005 when we had lived in Cyprus for seven-and-a-half years.

Little White Donkey is written by a friend of mine who lives in Paphos.  Some lovely descriptive writing about the seasons and harvests, and life in general with her growing family of four children.

Always Somewhere is written by a local friend who moved here in January 2009 with her husband and five children. Descriptions of their life home educating, and continual problems with bureaucracy in Cyprus.

A Matter of Choice is written by an ex-pat Brit with a small child, writing about her daily experiences on the island.

Aradippou Tales – photos, observations, and, yes, problems with Customs and other bureaucracy, from a couple who moved to Cyprus in 2006.

Kids have fun in Cyprus is about children in Cyprus, places to visit, activities for kids and families, sports, playgrounds, and restaurants suitable for families.

A New Life in Cyprus is written by a couple who decided to move to the island for various reasons, and charts their progress in doing so. It began in June 2006 with detailed descriptions of what they planned to do.

King Malu is one of my husband’s blogs, of interest to sailing enthusiasts. It explains in detail, with photos, about the renovation and journeys in an elderly yacht, berthed in Larnaka marina.