Cyprus Months

Each month is different in Cyprus, from the oppressive heat and humidity of July through to the surprisingly cold nights of February, and the glorious warmth and wildflowers of March.  Most months have festivals or public holidays; so if you’re considering a visit to Cyprus, you might like to check the pages linked below:

January in Cyprus – New Year sees fireworks and Vasilopitta; Epiphany celebrates the coming of the wise men

February in Cyprus – It’s usually cold at nights, but almond blossom appears and we celebrate Green Monday

March in Cyprus – Wildflowers abound, mostly yellow. The Lenten season is underway, and we celebrate Greek National Day

April in Cyprus – Cyprus National Day starts this month, and the Lenten season continues. Easter is often in April

May in Cyprus – Greek Easter is sometimes in May, and warmer weather is almost guaranteed

June in Cyprus – The Kataklysmos holiday combines Pentecost with the flood, and the weather starts to get hoter

July in Cyprus – this month is full of heat and humidity; school’s out and everyone heads to the beach

August in Cyprus – There are visitors everywhere, but there’s a two-week holiday for businesses

September in Cyprus – Back to school for students; it’s still hot but there’s less humidity, and possible rain

October in Cyprus

November in Cyprus

December in Cyprus