Cyprus in June

If you want almost guaranteed sunshine and warm weather, but would like to avoid the UK school holidays (and inflated prices), then June is as good a time as any to visit Cyprus.  High season is usually counted as July and August, but in June, hotels and other attractions are open for the summer, with prices that are more competitive. A bonus is that in June, the climate is not usually too humid. The sea is warm – but not yet bath-water temperature – and the island is still often quite geen from the winter and springtime rains.

A sea front restaurant in summerRestaurants along the seafronts and elsewhere have usually thrown aside their canopies and encourage customers to eat at small tables outside. Supermarkets and other shops have probably started using air conditioning to keep their produce (and clients) cool. Ice cream booths should have opened up along the beaches, and hotels may have a fresh coat of paint, freshly decorated for the influx of summer visitors.

If you come to Cyprus in June and find the heat too much, but do not want to swim in the sea, you can always take a day trip into the mountains. Troodos village and the nearby Kakopetria and other high altitude villages remain cool and fresh, even in the height of summer. At somewhat lower altitudes, there are traditional villages such as Lefkara, famous for its lace and silver production, which stay a little cooler than the towns at sea level.

Festivals in Cyprus during June

Kataklysmos is the main festival which usually falls in June. It is a week-long celebration following Pentecost according to the Greek Orthodox calendar. Pentecost is seven weeks after Greek Easter, so in 2012 it will fall on June 3rd, in 2013 on June 23rd, and in 2014 on June 8th. There are great celebrations in the Greek churches on the Sunday, and the day afterwards is a major public holiday. Schools, banks, offices and most shops are closed, and there is a fair with booths and rides along the sea-fronts of the major towns.

Shakespeare at Kurium – most years, a company of actors and actresses perform one of Shakespeare’s plays in the amphitheatre at Kurium, near Limassol. This is usually over the weekend closest to Midsummer’s Day, and is generally of excellent quality. Details can be found from tourist information offices and newspapers in the weeks preceding the event.

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