Cyprus in July

July heralds the start of the main Summer season in Cyprus, and flight costs often reflect this. Occasionally it is possible to save quite a significant amount of money by flying on June 30th rather than July 1st! Although most UK schools do not  finish for the year until around July 20th – when prices increase again – the island is usually awash with visitors for the entire month. This seems a little strange to those of us who live here – many ex-pats return to their home countries for the Summer, not wishing to stay for the extreme heat and humidity that we experience in Cyprus during July and August.

However, if you want guaranteed sunshine and hot weather, with pleasant, clean beaches and a relaxed environment, then July in Cyprus may serve your purpose. The sea is warm – almost bath-water temperature – although the island begins to look a little brown after a couple of months without any rain. This despite humidity which can, at times, approach 100%. Hotels and beach apartments are usually equipped with good air conditioning which reduces heat and removes humidity overnight; it is well worth ensuring that this facility will be available before you book, if you want to come to Cyprus during the summer.

Flying a kite on a beach in CyprusWhile the main beaches are likely to be crowded at this time of year, you may find that some of the lesser-known ones can provide a more peaceful haven for swimming, walking or even flying a kite. You will be able to rent a car for a few days, if you choose, and can explore the island to find secluded beaches, as well as driving into the mountains to escape the heat and humidity for a while.

If your preference is for water sports, you can find power boats, diving, pedaloes, hang-gliding and more at most of the sea-side towns. Ask for details at your hotel, or visit the local tourist information agency.

Festivals in Cyprus during July

In a nutshell – there are none. No public holidays, no religious festivals – other than, perhaps, some individual saints’ days – and few, if any displays or shows. There may be music or dancing on Sundays at sea-front bandstands in the coastal regions; there may be performances at theatres. But in July, with schools in Cyprus closed down and everyone suffering with the heat and humidity, there is little that happens for the locals.

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