Weather in Cyprus: Summer

Cyprus has fairly clear seasons, although Summer can seem extremely long to someone used to a milder climate. Widespread (and relatively inexpensive) air conditioning has made life much more pleasant in the hot, humid summers, in the past ten years or so. Tourists arrive in their thousands, usually from cooler climes, looking for the guaranteed sunshine that this small island can offer during the summer months.

The start of June is usually the beginning of real Summer in Cyprus.   We switch from wearing jeans to shorts; we put the duvets away and use just sheets or duvet covers on the beds at night.  Rain is very unlikely from June until at least September, though not impossible.   By mid-June we reluctantly switch the air conditioning on in the middle of the day, and sometimes overnight too, although it’s not as humid as later in the summer. Daytime temperatures tend to range from about 25-30C, or a little more, and night-time temperatures around 15-22C.

Kiti beach in late summerJuly is my least favourite month from the point of view of the weather in Cyprus. Humidity is high, sunshine is almost constant, and temperatures range from about 30-36C during the daytime, 22-28 overnight.  We switch on the air conditioning in rooms we’re using, particularly when there are computers (which don’t tolerate 30C or more).  We also use air conditioning in the bedrooms at night, to reduce the humidity.

We have found that the optimum temperature to run the air conditioning is 28C (which is 82F);  this makes a room comfortable for both computers and humans, and the reduction of humidity makes it feel even cooler.  A lower temperature means that going outside feels even more unpleasant, and also costs more! Many of the locals move to the mountains during the Summer, where the temperatures are always a few degrees cooler than those at sea level, and – more significantly – there is no humidity.

By August, we begin to feel as if the end is in sight… temperatures are about the same as in July, but the humidity begins to drop, and of course the days also get shorter, meaning there is less sun.  August is a perfect month for bathing in the sea in late afternoon as the shadows lengthen, when the tourists have gone back to their hotels. Many Cypriots close their businesses for a couple of weeks during August, and head for their holidays homes in the cooler mountain regions.

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